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Water Softener & Water Purifier

Water in Canada is classified as hard water, containing excessive minerals such as calcium and magnesium. This is why we often see water stains on bathroom tiles and mirrors. Long-term consumption of hard water can lead to various health issues. Showering with hard water can accelerate skin aging and cause hair loss.

Installing a water purifier and water softener can effectively filter bacteria, chlorine, heavy metals, volatile substances, rust, sediment, and more. Whether for drinking or showering, the water experience is significantly improved!

Our Water Softening/Purification collection

Water Purifier

Smart Purifier

Water Softener


Water Purifier

  • Removes chemicals
  • Sediment filtration
  • Leak detector
  • Removes heavy metals

Smart Purifier

  • 4 Stage Twist Filter
  • Easy to replace filters
  • Provides Both Drinking & Purified Water
  • Smart display indicates filter usage

Water Softener

  • On demand softened water
  • High flow control valve
  • Protect your home plumbing and appliances
  • Save up to 24% on energy costs


  • All of Value Series
  • Removes Chlorine to reduce itchy skin
  • Protect your home plumbing and appliances
  • soft skin and hair
Water Purification 1

The importance of water purification

Water is an essential resource for all living beings. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 2 million children worldwide suffer from diseases caused by water pollution every year. Canada’s freshwater is hard water. This water contains excessive amounts of minerals, such as calcium and magnesium. It is why the kettles we boil water in can develop severe limescale after use. There are very serious water prints on shower tiles and mirrors. Long-term consumption of high hardness water can cause cardiovascular, neurological, urinary, hematopoietic and other system pathologies and problems. Long-term use of high hardness water showers will accelerate skin ageing and massive hair loss.

The water has been transported through decades of old plumbing lines in Canada. It is entrained with many substances harmful to humans, such as bacteria, residual chlorine, heavy metals, volatile substances, rust, sediment, etc. The water should be treated with a water purification device before drinking directly.

About soft water treatment equipment

Our local brand, Excalibur® Water System, located in Ontario, has been providing consistent and high-quality service to Canadian residents for many years through its technical expertise and highly reputable brand image. Local manufacturers can effectively monitor changes in Ontario’s water quality in real-time. Through this persistent effort, they can create water filtration systems perfect for Ontario residents.

City tap water generally contains minerals, heavy metals, particulate impurities, floating substances, odours, and chlorine for sterilization that exceed the body’s absorption standards. The pollutants can be measured ranging from 100-200 per millilitre. After improving our 4-5 filtration system, the number of contaminants can generally be controlled between 5-50. It can significantly improve the taste of water by making it fresh and sweet. With our water filtration devices, you and your family can enjoy a healthy life with our pure and healthy drinking water.

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