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SLP99V 暖炉


  • Efficiency Rating (AFUE): 96
  • Quiet Operation: Steel Cabinet
  • Power Saver™ constant-torque motor
  • Price Guide: $


  • Efficiency Rating (AFUE): 96
  • Quiet Operation: Steel Cabinet
  • Variable speed fan motor
  • Price Guide: $$


  • Efficiency Rating (AFUE): 96
  • Quiet Operation: Steel Cabinet
  • More efficient and low-noise variable speed motor
  • Price Guide: $$$


  • Efficiency Rating (AFUE): 99
  • Quiet Operation: Steel Cabinet
  • Intelligent stepless speed
  • Price Guide: $$$$

If your furnace is making noise and no longer blowing hot air, it likely has had underlying issues for some time. In such cases, repair or replacement is necessary.

Mas Air Home Comfort’s installation services strictly adhere to industry standards, ensuring your heating system is installed reliably with no worries. We also provide 24/7 emergency services for any urgent situations.

Cost-Effective Choice

Our prices are the most competitive in Ontario. In addition to offering a variety of high-value equipment, we also handle installation and provide long-term maintenance services. Whether it's installation or repairs, we ensure transparent pricing and promise no hidden fees.

Time required for installation

Generally, furnace installation takes 4-6 hours, though actual duration may vary based on circumstances. After installation, our technicians conduct thorough checks and tests on electrical circuits, natural gas pipelines, and compatibility with the new equipment to ensure its perfect operation.

Safety Check

Your safety is our top priority. Our professional team will run safety tests and inspections throughout the entire installation process. Every step of the installation strictly adheres to safety regulations.

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Professionalism makes perfect

Our licensed technicians can quickly, accurately, and reliably plan and execute the repair and installation process. Repairing and installing a furnace is a very detail-oriented job that requires extensive expertise and the ability to handle multiple problems simultaneously. During the installation process, every detail must not be overlooked. Our technicians will prepare the most thorough final repair process by skillfully taking and observing the calculation of the electrical system, ventilation, air intake, and exhaust system to avoid damage to the house and future problems.

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Mas Air Home Comfort is the best choice for you if you are looking for a furnace, heating system, or other installation and repair services. We offer the most cost-effective quotes and the most professional, customized service to give you peace of mind, savings, and the best comfort your home can offer.


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