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Heat pump --- cooling and heating, energy efficient HVAC equipment

A heat pump is a highly recommended heating/cooling equipment by the Canadian government in recent years. It can provide you with a comfortable temperature experience in both hot summers and cold winters. Compared to traditional air conditioning and heating systems, heat pumps are more efficient, quieter, and less expensive to use.

Currently, heat pumps can be replaced with government energy subsidies of up to $7,100. Please contact Mas Air customer service for details.

Benefits of installing heat pump

1. One machine for two uses, providing both cooling and heating.

Installing a heat pump is equivalent to installing an air conditioning unit and heating furnace at the same time, saving space at home and reducing maintenance costs.

2. Adaptable to extreme temperatures with no fear of cold winters or hot summers.

We use the Kinghome brand, which can continue to work in temperatures as low as -35℃, while many other heat pump brands on the market can only operate above -15℃.

3. Higher efficiency up to 20 SEER.

SEER represents the seasonal energy efficiency ratio, and the higher the SEER rating, the more energy-efficient the heat pump. Currently, the mainstream air conditioners are typically at a 13 SEER rating, while the maximum SEER rating for heat pumps is 20, resulting in almost double the energy efficiency. This is especially noticeable during the summer.

4. Quieter operation.

Compared to traditional air conditioners and heaters, heat pumps operate with much lower noise levels.

5. More comfortable and energy-efficient through smart thermostat adjustment.

We can help you set up a smart thermostat (including up to a $125 subsidy) to switch between the use of the heat pump and heating, allowing your house to maintain efficient heating and cooling at all times.

6. Significant savings on home energy costs.

In recent years, the Canadian government’s carbon tax has steadily increased, and replacing traditional air conditioning and heating systems with a heat pump can save you more money.

7. Enjoy up to $7100 in government subsidies.

Heat pumps receive the highest government energy subsidies (up to $7100), making heat pump installation nearly free compared to spending $3000 to replace a traditional air conditioner/heater.

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What kind of families are suitable for replacing heat pumps?

1. Families who are planning to replace their air conditioners or furnaces. Currently, air conditioning subsidies have stopped but you can choose to receive government subsidies for heat pumps and install them instead.

2. New homeowners whose developers did not install air conditioning can install a heat pump instead.

3. Families who want to save on energy expenses.

4. Families who like to try new things.

5. Environmentalists.

How does a heat pump work?

During the hot summer months, a heat pump functions like a central air conditioner, extracting heat from the house to cool it down. Conversely, in the cold winter months, a heat pump absorbs heat from the outdoor air and delivers it to the house to keep it warm. Heat pumps use electricity and refrigerants to transfer heat and maintain a comfortable temperature in your home throughout the year.

It's important to note that heat pumps need to be automatically adjusted with an indoor temperature control system to achieve the desired indoor temperature. Since the efficiency of the heat pump is related to the outdoor temperature, when the temperature drops, the heating effect of the heat pump needs to consume more power. A smart thermostat monitors the local temperature through cloud services and turns off the heat pump when the temperature is low, converting it into a furnace for heating and achieving optimal energy savings.

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Install heat pumps and receive up to $7100 in government subsidies

The Canadian government has always had a generous subsidy policy for energy-saving and emission-reducing HVAC equipment, and the specific requirements and amounts of heat pump subsidies are as follows:

Subsidy requirements:

  1. Heat pumps and heating need to be replaced at the same time (if the heating assessment meets the requirements, you can only replace the heat pump).
  2. The machine model (model number) must comply with the government’s list of approved models.
  3. If you have installed a furnace, please consult Mas Air customer service to check whether it can be paired with the heat pump.

Subsidy amount:

Heat pump subsidy amount:

Note: Due to the large amount of heat pump subsidies (minimum $7,100) and the number of applicants, we recommend that you replace your HVAC equipment as soon as possible to avoid the cancellation of the subsidy policy from time to time.

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