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A safe and efficient water heater is essential for all homes. Most North American homes and small commercial establishments install natural gas water heaters because of low maintenance costs, low energy bills, and safety and reliability. A small percentage of homes can choose only electric water heaters because there is no natural gas supply or the house’s structure is unsuitable for a natural gas water heater.

The additional subsidies for the union gas area ended from December 1st.  Subsidies for furnaces and tankless water heaters will also end on December 31.

Tankless Water Heater collection





  • Domestic Hot Water Flow Rate (Maximum) 9 GPM / (34.1 l/min)
  • Uniform Energy Factor: 0.93
  • Applicable type: 2-5 person family
  • Gas Type: Natural Gas
  • BTU: 160,000 BTU(maximum)
  • Price:$


  • Domestic Hot Water Flow Rate (Maximum) 10 GPM / (37.9 l/min)
  • Uniform Energy Factor: 0.93
  • Applicable type: 3-5 person family
  • Gas Type: Natural Gas
  • BTU: 180,000 BTU(maximum)
  • Price:$$


  • Domestic Hot Water Flow Rate (Maximum) 11 GPM / (41.6 l/min)
  • Uniform Energy Factor: 0.93
  • Applicable type: 3-6 person family
  • Gas Type: Natural Gas
  • BTU: 199,000 BTU(maximum)
  • Price:$$$

Gas Water Heaters collection

Conventional Tank Water Heater

Power Vent Tank Water Heater

Conventional Tank Water Heater

  • EF:0.59 - 0.64
  • Tank Capacity: 50 gallons (60 optional)
  • More hot water at a low operating cost
  • 6 Years tank and parts with limited warranty*

Power Vent Tank Water Heater

  • UEF: 0.65 (0.67 EF)
  • Tank Capacity: 50 gallons (60 optional)
  • More hot water at a low operating cost
  • 6 Years tank and parts with limited warranty*

Mas Air Home Comfort has multiple models and sizes of electric and gas water heaters for you to choose from. If you purchase your water heater, we also offer installation services for the water heater and tank.

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Choosing the right water heater

The choice of water heater directly affects the later maintenance and usage costs. Choosing the right water heater according to your family's water usage is essential. Here we list several of North America's most common water heating systems. You can choose by combining your housing situation.

Water Heater in North American homes

The water heater most North American homes and small commercials use is natural gas heating and electric heating. Most houses use natural gas-type water heaters because repair, maintenance and energy costs are more accessible and cheaper. Most homes using electric water heaters have the following characteristics: the house does not have a natural gas supply, or the house’s structure or natural gas safety standards are not suitable for installing natural gas type.

Water heater capacities

You can choose water heaters by their capacities. The vast majority of families choose heaters that have a 50-gallon capacity. The 50-gallon water heaters are more efficient, have the best value for money, and are ideal for ordinary families. For a larger house or homes with a more significant number of residents, choosing a 60-gallon capacity water heater or wall-mounted water heater is recommended to meet the daily demand for hot water supply.

Please note that because of the large size of the 60-gallon water heater, movement of the heater through the renovated houses may be restricted. It will need to be measured in advance to ensure smooth installation processes.

Wall-mounted water heaters

There are wall-mounted instantaneous water heaters(Tankless). This heater is efficient in heating the water rapidly and does not keep the water warm when it is not being used. It may save a lot of money since it doesn’t need to be using energy 24/7 to keep the water warm. This type of water heating system is ideal for smaller houses and homes with less space or a large number of people living in the unit.

Advantages of upgrading water heaters

Outdated water heaters have a lower efficiency (about 40%-60%)

Water heaters need to ensure that the water temperature stays hot constantly. The older water heaters are inefficient and will waste a lot of energy. The new water heaters have a high energy efficiency (up to 92%). The new wall-mounted water heaters only need to be turned on only when hot water is being used, and when it is dormant, it turns off by itself. It will, in turn, save energy and have a lower cost.

Old water heaters have a high risk of leakage

Once a leak occurs, it can cause severe property damage to the house.

Water hardness in Canada

After years of use, water heaters will begin not to work as effectively. The main reason is due to water qualities. Despite having one of the cleanest waters, Canada still has an incredible number of impurities. The accumulation of these impurities, dirt and other waste will reduce the amount of water supplied by the water heater.


The new tankless water heater is smaller and lighter, saving space in the basement or your unit.

Unlimited hot water supply

the new tankless water heater can provide unlimited hot water for a long time. These are suitable for larger houses or houses with more people living there. Old water heaters have cylinders that contain hot water. It means a limited supply of them at a time and cannot supply unlimited hot water compared to the wall-mounted water heaters.

Energy subsidies

The new tankless water heater is eligible for energy subsidies. Old water heaters are relatively inexpensive but ineligible for government energy subsidies.

Safety standard

The new tankless water heater is installed with a separate outdoor intake and exhaust system to eliminate indoor oxygen consumption and carbon monoxide leakage.

Water heater maintenance

Water heater maintenance will depend on how properly it is installed. Proper maintenance on well-installed heaters can significantly extend the water heater's life while reducing energy loss. Routine water heater maintenance includes:

Water heater maintenance

1. Periodically checking to see if the controller is working properly
2. Periodically testing the water temperature to see if it is stable
3. Regularly checking to see if there are signs of water leaks
4. We recommend annual maintenance from professionals once a year. The annual checkups will test all listed above, test pressure sensors, check the combustion chambers, and check for clogs.

Why choose a professional water heater installation service

If you choose an unprofessional, unlicensed installation company, or even an individual installer, the installation process may cause many problems. The problems such as the risk of water leakage, gas leakage and electricity leakage are usually due to the lack of the right tools, technology, expertise, and experience. When problems occur with these unlicensed installation companies, issues arise. Not only is there no after-sales service, but the repair costs are higher. 

Mas Air Home Comfort’s focus on controlling details and quality, service efficiency, and energy efficiency has been well received by our customers. Our experienced engineers are familiar with the installation, maintenance, and construction specifications. Our expertise can significantly save you from worrying and bring you the ideal and comfortable living experience. Our professional water heater installation service not only installs the water heater correctly but also instructs you on taking preventive measures to maintain the water heater. This way, your water heater installation is a step in the right direction and benefits you in the long run.


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