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Rooftop Unit (RTU)

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What is RTU?

Rooftop units are comprehensive systems that integrate heating, cooling, and ventilation capabilities. These outdoor, rooftop-mounted air handling units are engineered to deliver heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) to the building beneath them. They are directly connected to the building’s central ventilation system for efficient air circulation. Typically employed in low-rise commercial structures, such as restaurants, warehouses, and offices, rooftop units provide a versatile solution for maintaining indoor climate control from a single, external unit.

The Importance of Replacing RTU

At Mas Air Home Comfort, our licensed HVAC experts will inspect your RTU to determine if a replacement or upgrade is necessary to enhance efficiency. By replacing or upgrading your RTU, you can achieve better energy efficiency, which not only helps in reducing energy consumption but also improves the comfort level for employees and customers within your business.

Our installation services at Mas Air Home Comfort adhere strictly to industry standards, ensuring your heating system is installed reliably and securely, leaving you without any concerns. We also offer 24/7 service to address any emergency repairs that may arise.

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How do I know I need to upgrade RTU?

Higher Electricity Bills

When an RTU operates inefficiently, leading to abnormally high energy consumption, it’s common to notice a significant increase in electricity bills. This can be due to outdated equipment no longer running at optimal efficiency, or wear and tear on certain components within the RTU system, affecting the overall energy efficiency.

Unusual Noises from the RTU

When an RTU starts making odd noises, it often indicates that internal parts are worn out or damaged. These sounds could manifest as clicking, buzzing, or other abnormal operational noises, signaling that the unit may require repairs or part replacements. In some cases, a complete upgrade might be necessary to prevent further damage.

Expensive Repair Costs

When the cost of repairing an RTU system becomes exceptionally high, it indicates the presence of significant issues or an accumulation of minor problems. Frequent and costly repairs often suggest that the old system’s efficiency and performance have significantly deteriorated. Upgrading to a more modern, efficient RTU system could be more economical in the long run, offering better performance and reduced maintenance costs.

Frequent Breakdowns

Frequent malfunctions in an RTU system may suggest that its components are overly worn or that the system as a whole is outdated. These regular failures not only lead to expensive repair costs but also affect the operational efficiency and reliability of the entire facility. Upgrading to a more advanced system could reduce the frequency of these breakdowns, enhancing the overall stability and efficiency of the system.

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