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Comfortable Haven

Mas Air Home Comfort is well-known home insulation, heating and cooling equipment provider in Ontario. We provide high-quality and affordable installation, inspection and repair services for all types of heating, air conditioning, water heater and ventilation ducts for residents in and around Toronto. 

Why Choose Us

Our mission is simple – we aim to make your home or business the most comfortable place to be. 

Service Scope


Make furnace and air conditioning installation worry-free. The central heating furnace is the most prominent part of a house's temperature control system.

Whole House Professional Insulation

Our industry’s leading attic insulation foam prevents damage caused by heat and moisture. This insulation foam will prevent eroding walls by blocking the water vapours. This also prevents wooden decks and materials from softening.

Hot-Water Systems

A safe and efficient water heater is essential for all homes and commercial properties. Most North American homes and small commercial establishments install natural gas water heaters due to low maintenance costs, energy bills, safety, and reliability.

Water Purification / Water Softening Equipment

Filter water from limescale, heavy metals, particulate impurities, floating substances, and odours to improve water quality and give your family a healthy lifestyle.

Efficient Energy Subsidy Program

We also offer a free assessment, confirmation of rebate application, installation and payment. Save money while improving energy efficiency and comfort.

Emergency Heating and Air Conditioning Repair

We offer 24/7 emergency HVAC repair services that diagnose the problem quickly and accurately. In most cases, we can fix faulty furnaces, air conditioners, and hot water systems on site (except for parts that need to be ordered*). Service call: 647-696-0052


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