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6 attic insulation tips you have to know

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Attic insulation is a cornerstone of effective home thermal protection. With proper installation, it ensures your home stays toasty during winter and cool as a cucumber in the summer, significantly trimming down your heating and air conditioning bills. But what are the crucial considerations when fitting your space with attic insulation? Let’s break it down in this article.

1. Eliminate Every Nook and Cranny

One widespread faux pas during attic insulation endeavors is neglecting the spaces and gaps amidst insulation materials. If these cavities between joists aren’t fully packed with insulation, you’re essentially rolling out the red carpet for energy waste and overworking your heating unit—precipitating its eventual wear and tear.

2. Seal Off All Ceiling Penetrations

Before you dive into enhancing your insulation, cast a critical eye over your attic floor. You’re bound to spot a myriad of tiny holes where wires, pipes, hoses, vents, and other mechanical elements make their appearance. These little breaches serve as gateways for warm air to stealthily infiltrate your attic. To counter this, reach for fire-resistant caulk (often branded as “firestop” or “fire barrier”). Just a word to the wise: regular caulk won’t cut it when it comes to fire safety standards.

3. Proceed With Caution Around Recessed Lights

Should your ceiling host standard recessed light fixtures, exercise extreme caution not to heap insulation over these heat-emitting devices. These unsuspecting fixtures crank out an impressive amount of heat, posing a fire hazard if in contact with insulation. Maintain a safe distance, keeping insulation at least three inches away from the fixtures.

4. Avoid Stuffing Insulation Too Tightly

In the throes of DIY insulation, there’s a tendency to jam in the insulation with a bit too much enthusiasm, under the misguided notion that this fortifies the defense against cold air. However, this strategy backfires. The airy and fluffy nature of insulation materials isn’t accidental; that trapped air is a crucial ally in providing insulation. Squeeze the insulation too tightly, and you’ll squeeze out the air — and with it, the insulating properties.

5. Don’t Neglect the Attic Entry

Virtually all attics feature some form of access—be it a panel, hatch, fold-down door, or pull-down staircase. It’s imperative to lavish these entries with adequate insulation to fend off the invasion of warm air into the attic. For a foolproof solution, consider investing in a pre-fabricated insulated attic door or staircase cover, available for around a starting price of 60 Canadian dollars.

6. Mind Those Vents

It’s common knowledge that most domiciles come equipped with vents, ushering a steady stream of fresh air into the attic. You’ll typically find these vents strategically placed at the soffits, tucked under the eaves, perched at the roof’s apex, or stationed at the gable ends. When you’re in the thick of insulating, exercise caution not to obstruct these crucial ventilation points.

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