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What To Consider When Hire An Attic Insulation Company

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Hire an attic insulation company

Improve attic insulation can boost energy efficiency and reduce bills in both winter and summer. With expert installation, you can be sure your insulation is performing at its best. Save yourself time and hassle by hiring a professional attic insulation company to handle the installation process.

Benefits of hiring an attic insulation company:

Improve energy efficiency

Attic insulation can improve the energy efficiency of your home by preventing heat loss and gain. This can help reduce your energy bills and save you money in the long run.

Expert installation

Attic insulation companies have the expertise and equipment to properly install insulation. They will ensure that it is installed correctly and performs at its best.


Hiring an attic insulation company can save you time and effort. The professionals will handle the installation process from start to finish.

Increased comfort

Properly installed attic insulation can help maintain a more comfortable indoor temperature, reducing drafts and cold spots.

Health benefits

Properly installed attic insulation can also improve indoor air quality by reducing the infiltration of outdoor pollutants, allergens, and other irritants.

Increase home value

Upgrading your attic insulation can increase the value of your home or business and make it more attractive to potential buyers.

Hiring an attic insulation company can be beneficial in many ways. Not only can it improve energy efficiency, but it can also provide expert installation and save you time.

Additionally, it can increase comfort and provide health benefits by improving indoor air quality.

Lastly, upgrading your attic insulation can increase the value of your home or business, making it more appealing to potential buyers.

What you should consider when looking for an attic insulation company?

Experience and Reputation

Look for a company with years of experience in the insulation industry, and a good reputation for quality work and customer service. Check online reviews and ratings to gauge the company’s reputation.

Licenses and Insurance

Make sure the company has the necessary licenses and insurance to perform the job. Also, check if their insurance covers any potential damage or accidents that may occur on your property.

Knowledge of Insulation Materials

Make sure the company is knowledgeable about different types of insulation materials. As a result, they can recommend the best option for your specific needs and budget.

Energy Efficiency Expertise

Look for a company that has expertise in energy efficiency. They can recommend ways to reduce your energy bills and make your home more comfortable.

Guarantees and Warranties

Look for a company that offers guarantees and warranties on their workmanship and materials.

Safety Protocols

Make sure the company follows safety protocols during installation. For instance, wearing protective gear, ensuring proper ventilation, and handling insulation materials safely.

Cost and Pricing

Get quotes from different companies and compare their pricing. However, don’t make cost the only deciding factor. Choose a company that offers a fair price for quality work.

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How to compare different insulation companies?

Comparing different attic insulation companies can help you find the best fit for your needs and budget. Here are some steps we suggest:

  1. Research companies: Start by researching different attic insulation companies in Ontario. Look at their websites, online reviews, and ratings on sites to get a sense of their reputation and experience.
  2. Check credentials: Look for companies that are licensed, insured, and certified. Make sure they have the proper credentials to install insulation.
  3. Compare pricing: Ask for quotes from different companies and compare their pricing. Also, make sure to ask about any hidden fees or charges.
  4. Look for energy-efficient options: Look for companies that offer energy-efficient options, such as insulation materials with a high R-value or those that are eco-friendly. These options may cost more upfront. However, you can save money in the long run by reducing your energy bills.
  5. Consider warranties and guarantees: Look for companies that offer warranties on their workmanship or the materials used.
  6. Ask about the installation process: Ask each company about their installation process. For instance, how long it will take, any disruption to your home or business, and safety measures taken during installation.
  7. Check references: Ask for references from each company and follow up with them. Try to get a sense of their experience working with the company.

By taking these steps, you can compare different attic insulation companies in Ontario and find the best fit for your needs and budget.

Helps you reach Maximum rebates

In 2023, Ontario residents can take advantage of the Ontario Home Energy Rebates program. This program provides full coverage for attic insulation projects.

Homeowners who take measures to reduce their property’s energy consumption are eligible for this rebate.

Toronto has various rebate programs that homeowners can take advantage of. For instance, homeowners can receive rebates up to CAD 5,000.00 through the rebate Program.

Enbridge Home Conservation Program offers homeowners coverage of up to $1,750 for attic insulation upgrades.

The greener home grant aims to fund energy-efficient projects, including attic insulation replacement, home renovations, and retrofitting, in approximately 37,000 Ontario homes to reduce carbon emissions.

Homeowners who use natural gas, propane, or oil to heat their homes may be eligible for Union Gas Heating System Rebate. They could earn up to a $1,000 rebate for purchasing an energy-efficient furnace or boiler with an AFUE of 95% or higher.

List of eligible other homeowners for rebate programs:

  • Homeowners who participate in energy-saving practices
  • Senior citizens or individuals with disabilities who need adaptations to their homes for accessibility and safety
  • Homeowners living in outdated homes
  • Low or average-income households

To sum up:

  • Renovations and upgrades increase energy efficiency and maximize rebate program effectiveness.
  • Upgrades save money on utility costs and lower initial costs.
  • Attic and basement insulation are common rebate programs for Toronto residents.
  • Mas Air Home Comfort provides assistance with rebate applications and energy efficiency advice.

Click here to know more: Efficient Energy Rebate Program 2023

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Attic Insulation Company in the Great Toronto Area

Mas Air Home Comfort has long been the No.1 choice for commercial and residential heating, cooling, and insulation projects in Greater Toronto and surrounding areas. We are committed to providing our customers with energy-efficient solutions, and as a result, our HVAC and insulation specialists offer a wide range of services. For example, we provide installation and maintenance services for furnaces, air conditioners, and water heaters, as well as emergency repairs. In addition, we offer home insulation services to help keep your home comfortable and energy-efficient. With our professionally certified and experienced service staff, you can rest assured that you will receive the best possible service available. Ultimately, our goal is to provide you and your family with the healthiest, most comfortable, and safest living experience possible all year round.

We are committed to providing the highest quality equipment, installation, and construction services. Meanwhile, we provide the most competitive prices in the market.

Our technicians follow rigorous hygiene protocols, and we sanitize all equipment and personnel regularly. They wear masks and gloves and are fully vaccinated to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

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